BIOGRAPHY a.k.a. To�ne Haverkamp was born in 1990 in the Netherlands. When he was a small boy he played around with his father's synthesizers and drumcomputer. During high school he continued developping his musical skills and started playing the guitar and started a band when he was at university in which he had some sucess and even got playlisted on national radio. In this same period To�ne got introduced to the techno party scene, at his first party he saw Andr� Galluzzi playing he got more and more hooked on the genre with every beat.

From the moment he entered the dance scene, he began to experiment and make electronic music for himself with his first release in cooperation with Svenson Music released on Muskox, called 'The Return'. To�ne always tries to show his diversity in music in some kind of way with his own productions and DJ-sets.