Dynamique is a big chap, the DJ and producer was born in 1981, a Madrid native since a very young age he has been chained to music without wanting to escape it. The capital gave him the opportunity to meet various electronic styles of which he has been jumping from one to another but keeping the best of each style and then putting it into practice in his own personal sound.

His work is a continuous slope, an unstoppable movement without goal. Finally it is in the less commercial sounds he find himself now, it is unthinkable for him not to sit in front of his instruments and play, tinker, tweak, to get new percussion sounds ending in his own sound.

He has played at many clubs both inside and outside of Spain under the pseudonym 'Velguin Yamato' or the duo 'Slow & Flow'. Now he is working hard on his new sound as 'Dynamiquee'.